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Is your website sluggish or out of date? Giving your website a makeover is a great way to rebrand your company and your online image. Mobile viewing and shopping has exploded in the last five years so it is essential to make sure your website is responsive and viewable on all sized devices.

We offer website redesign solutions for small and large entities. Whether you just need an informational website, portfolio based, online store, or something totally specialized, we’ve got the right solutions. We also provide professional copyrighting and photography if needed.

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Responsive designs adjust your sites layout in a way that is most suitable for the size screen it is being viewed on, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, desktop etc. Designing a website just for mobile does not make much sense anymore because of how many different size devices people use today to browse the web. Responsive designs allow for the best viewing experience no matter what type of device is being used.

There are also SEO benefits to creating a responsive website:

One Website, One URL

Responsive websites only use one URL, instead of changing them to mobile versions like Having one URL is not only beneficial for building and retaining your sites domain authority, but you only have to mange one URL as well.

Reduces Bounce Rate

If your site is ranking highly, but does not load properly on a mobile device or is hard to navigate, people will leave and find a site that is more mobile friendly.

Reduces Load Time

If your site is responsive, it does not have to be redirected to a mobile version of the site, which can drastically increase load time. Load time not only is beneficial for your users, it also keeps Google from reducing your sites ranking.

Improves Mobile Search Rankings

Mobile search is undoubtedly the future and is predicted to pass desktop searches by 2015. The good news is that creating a responsive site is not as difficult as it sounds and we are here to help!

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