Organic Search Engine Optimization refers to the listing of your business on various search engines organically as opposed to paid positions. Ranking highly on these search engines, such as Google, easily leads to more website views for your business and therefore increased sales. Today, 85% of people use Google to research products before they by them, and if you aren’t showing up in SERP’s, you will struggle to attract customers. The common disbelief is that the competition is paying Google in order to rank highly, however that is far from the truth. At Orca we can help you organically rank highly on Google without paying them a dime!

The value of Google rankings goes beyond just getting customers to click through to your website. Simply appearing on the first page of Google gives your brand instant credibility because showing up there gives users the assumption that you are a leader in your industry, even if you aren’t. Users tend to trust high rankings over TV and other types of advertisements as rankings don’t carry company bias. Organic rankings show your customers that you have value both in Google’s eyes and your customers’, making SEO good for both branding and attracting new customers.

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