When it comes to choosing a ecommerce platform for your website, it’s important to consider history and how well the platform of choice has evolved. Orca recommended platforms include: WooCommerce, Magento, & Shopify. These three platforms have proven to adapt with the ever changing web landscape. It’s important to choose an ecommerce landscape that will scale with your business.


Platform implementation can be one of the most complex tasks any business faces when launching an ecommerce site. Without the right expertise or a proper plan, ecommerce projects can quickly get off schedule or go over budget. At Orca Creative, we lay out a clear plan with deadlines to ensure we stay on schedule for your desired launch date.


Monitoring and tracking data is essential if you want to continue to learn and improve your ecommerce process. At Orca Creative, we don’t just feed you flashy bar graphs or fancy spreadsheets, we turn raw data into actionable information in order to measure performance, identify opportunity for growth, and do competitive analysis. This formula has been our full-proof process in helping our clients identify bottlenecks in their services, improve ROI, and drive sales.

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